The Early Years

Launched into this world in 1978, Brett was clearly different from the start. His feet-first exit from nine months of cellular growth and physical development heralded a new age in the evolution of mankind. Born to a schoolteacher and a corporate manager in the green state of New Jersey, Brett grew up in a supportive, nurturing environment; one that allowed his genius to blossom.

Brett never really operated on the same level as his peers. While most children were playing on the jungle gym, Brett was busy making an ass out of himself in the corner of the sandbox poking snails with sticks. (Brett's shyness began at an early age and continues to haunt him still.)

With the completion of the 1st grade came the family's move to southern California. His father's job transfer had placed Brett in a new environment, one very much different than what he was used to. Michael Jackson was not considered cool in this strange new place and Brett found it difficult to adapt. Shyness aside, Brett managed to make a handful of long-lasting friendships in this seaside community of Rancho Palos Verdes, nearly all of which have followed him through to the present day.

Brett graduated from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in 1996. He then went straight to Cal Poly Pomona in September of the same year.

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